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Proposed materials

Some features of proposed materials:

Methacrylate resins

The methacrylic resins are among the most recent, in terms of technical proposals, they can be applied to film, plywood and screed or, in combination with ceramic-coated quartz.

They have characteristics of fast curing, between 2 and 4 hours, and can also be applied in critical conditions of low temperatures, down to -20 ° C. and respond very well when the temperature changes are frequent. It is applied with different solutions thickness from 2mm up to a thickness of several centimeters.

They are particularly elastic, and therefore suitable for all industrial environments where the mechanical stresses and vibrations, are particularly intense, and this makes it possible to securely put the whole structure of the underlying concrete to the coating. No carryover of elastic joints are necessary, or will be carried out only in the case of gettatta of the concrete screed recovery.

The methacrylic resin in coatings, are well suited for all industrial environments where hygiene standards are high, such as the food industry, pharmaceutical and electronics.

And ‘completely and absolutely waterproof. It resists very well over time and is always repairable.

Epoxy resins

These resins are suitable for many applications, particularly indicated in decorative residential realizations, work environments such as offices and shops, where the decorative aspect must be of a certain impact.

They are also indicated, however, in industrial environments, are coatings that lend themselves to easy sanitization and detergency, excellent mechanical and chemical resistance.

Among all the resins, the epoxy, decorative part is by far the more material that lends itself to artistic component, ie it can satisfy any demand, the range of color and materials that may be composed together, can give incredible creations.

The epoxy resins lend themselves to particular mixtures for the formation of special screeds and gradient formation.


The polyurea is a particular coating system, two-component, which applies hot with spray system.

It’s a particularly suitable coating for external uses, such as waterproofing of surfaces, parking lots, patios, floors, roof gardens, water containment tanks.

This material has high chemical and mechanical resistance and high resistance to atmospheric agents. The products used are certified for use in “drinking water environment.”

Polyurethane concrete

This type of coating is recommended in particular environments where the stresses at high temperatures are to be considered very critical.

The polyurethane cement applied to a thickness of 9 \ 10 mm ensures a resistance to high temperatures up to 120° C.

Suitable for almost all industrial environments.

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