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Solutions for coatings resins


Our corporate mission is to provide effective solutions in the proposal of coatings resins, on floors and walls in any industrial and residential area, for companies in the food and pharmaceutical industry, meeting the necessity of hygiene and safety, industry of any otherwise, offering answers to different needs. Proposals that gives Superfici Moderne, derived from decades of experience of our technicians applicators, using different types of resins and finding the most appropriate to the required specifications.

Superfici Moderne is able to propose and to apply any type of resin, finding, to customer requests, the most appropriate response. We propose applications with epoxy, epoxy resins with polyurethane finishes, polyurethane cement, polyurethanes, polyureas and metalcrilate. Each of these resins has very different technical characteristics between them, but only with the deep knowledge of the materials, Superfici Moderne may propose diversified and targeted solutions to solve the problems of demanding customers.

Surely our peculiarity lies in the wide technical knowledge of the different resin materials that could be offered, each of these have different characteristics and, thanks to these and to our experience as applicators, we can respond to all requests within both industrial and residential, and industrial applications we mean all, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, engineering, logistics and services.

Some of our executions…

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Superfici Moderne
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Superfici Moderne
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Superfici Moderne
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Superfici Moderne
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Superfici Moderne

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